The beach of Agia Fwteini is one of the most beautiful and worldly beaches of Chios, with a pebbly bottom and crystal clear waters, which is why it is the most favorite haunt of the island's youth during the summer months. 

Karfas is the largest tourist resort of the island, attracting every year thousands of visitors, locals, but also tourists from Greece and abroad. Located just 7 kilometers south of the town of Chios, it has a wonderful sandy beach suitable for playing and sunbathing, as well as very shallow waters suitable for small children. The beach is organized, has a lifeguard, umbrellas and sunbeds. Also, here you can do all the water sports. 

Komi beach is one of the best beaches of Chios. Cosmopolitan and long in length, it is a well-known destination for the island's residents. It is located 26 kilometers from the city of Chios, on the southeast coast. On the beach there are taverns, beach bars as well as hotels and rooms for rent. Access is easy even with the island's public transport, which runs frequent routes to the beach from the city.

A picturesque seaside settlement on the south-eastern tip of Chios, Emporio has significant tourist traffic thanks to the area's famous beach, Mavra Volia. The large black pebbles, which are the special characteristic, the outstanding feature of the wonderful beach, owe their existence to the ancient activity of the extinct volcanic fish. 

The beach of the Agia Dynami or Holy Theodosia is located in the southern part of Chios, 13 kilometers from the tower near the village of Olympus and 38 kilometers from the country. Agia Dynami is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island as it is characterized by its blue-green crystal waters and white sand.

In the southwest of the island and at a distance of 36 kilometers from the city of Chios is Salagona beach. A deserted beach about 150 meters long with pebbles on the shore and sand at the bottom of the sea. The waters are crystal clear with a blue-green color and the bottom is rich in marine life. Characteristic of the beach is a small pond with fresh water and low vegetation located near the shore.

Trachili is located in western Chios, 5 km from Lithi. It is a deserted beach with coarse sand and pebbles. Its waters are clear and crystal clear. 

Avlonia beach is located in the southwest of Chios, 40 km from the town and 5.7 km from the medieval village of Mesta. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios in a natural bay. It consists of fine pebbles while its waters are clear and crystal clear. 

Apothika is located in the southwestern part of Chios, 4.5 km from the town. It is a beach that has not suffered negative changes even to the point where the road is 100 meters from the sea. The bay of Apothika is shallow with extremely clear and crystal clear waters. The beach consists of small pebbles and coarse sand 

Lithi beach is located approximately in the center of the island, on the north side and is 25 kilometers from the town of Chios. It is a very beautiful natural port of the village of the same name. the lithi is built amphitheatrically, among pines and other lush vegetation, facing the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Its port combines a fishing shelter that hosts the famous fishermen of the area and a large welcoming beach, with fine sand and shallow clear waters. 

Among the most popular beaches, between the lakes and the beach of the lake, are Leukathia. It is a beautiful sandy beach with fine pebbles and deep frozen waters. The sand is suitable for water games (there is a beach volleyball facility) and there is also a beach bar. 

Lemnos is the most famous beach of northwestern Chios. It is 2 kilometers from Volissos and we meet it on the road to Agia Markella. It is a long beach with sand and fine pebbles and tufted tamarisk trees that generously offer their shade to its patrons and especially to families with children who mainly choose it. 

In the northwest, near the monastery of Agia Markella, you will find the homonymous sandy beach. Its sea is cold, but the waters are clear and impressive. Although the coarse sand is unobtrusive, you will also see along the coast a few pebbles offering beauty in their own way to the beach. 

Magemena is a popular sand and pebble beach at the northwestern tip of Chios, 40 km from the capital and close to the village of Volissos. Located between the two famous beaches of this area - managros and limnia, it is also considered an equally suitable place for beach holidays, attracting many holidaymakers. The beautiful nature, clear waters and developed infrastructure give it the status of one of the best beaches in the region for family holidays.

The beach of Nago is located at a distance of five (5) kilometers from Kardamyla. The rich and special vegetation of the area is due to the abundant crystal waters of the springs that end up in the sea. The plane trees, tall trees and small overflowing streams offer generous refreshment to visitors even in the hottest summer months. 

The beach of Giosona is located in the north-east of Chios at a distance of 33 km from the city. It is a long beach with a coast length of 1 kilometer. It has pebbles and crystal clear waters.

Glaroi beach is located seven (7) kilometers northeast of the city of Chios between the brondado and the sycamore on the road to Kardamyla. The bay is a refuge for seagulls, which is why the beach, which was created after the operation of a damar in the area, was named so. It is one of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan beaches of the island.